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Reservations and costs

The Reservation Page provides information and shows availability. It is not an interactive website from which you can make and confirm your reservation. To confirm a reservation requires telephone or email contact with Tolovana Hot Springs. Payment by check or money order is required to confirm a reservation. Sorry, credit cards are not accepted.

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Use of the hot springs and the cabins is by reservation and fee payment only. Reservations and fee payment may be made up to 3 months in advance of the first night’s stay (based on date) and not a single day earlier. Requests more than 3 months in advance of first nights reservation will be not be accepted. Example: for a reservation starting on 21 March apply on 21 December.

Drawing Rules for high demand times

THS LTD uses a drawing system to determine the winners during high demand times. We feel this is the fairest method. Drawings are used by Alaska Department of Fish and Game for allocating high demand hunting resources and by Denali National Park for the high demand fall private vehicle road lottery. Any reservation that is received in the 24-hour period (midnight to midnight) three (3) months from the date of your first days reservation are entered into the drawing. There is no advantage to sending your request early in the day and it is NOT on a first come first serve system. The drawing is held and the names are logged in the order they are drawn. If the winning party is unable to confirm the reservation then the 2nd name drawn is contacted. We keep this list and the order of the drawing in case there are cancelations.

Reservations are confirmed upon receipt of full payment. Specific questions and current trail conditions are available by contacting the office prior to your departure. However, there is no THS LTD staff on site so trail reports come from visitors returning from their trip. A trail and area map with the 10.1 mile trail marked on it can be printed from this site.

Regular Rate Schedule (per night)
  Fri., Sat. and Sun. nights Mon., Tues., Wed. and Thurs. nights
Cedar Cabin (up to 6 people)
Log Cabin (up to 4 people)
Frame cabin (up to 2 people)


Peak Rate Schedule (per night)
  Fri., Sat. and Sun. nights Mon., Tues., Wed. and Thurs. nights
Cedar Cabin (up to 6 people)
Log Cabin (up to 4 people)
Frame cabin (up to 2 people)

Peak season is defined as:

  • Thanksgiving (Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday)
  • Christmas (24th and 25th)
  • New Years (31st, 1st)
  • Spring (15 February through 30 April)

Weekend Reservations

Advance reservations for a single Friday, or Saturday, or Sunday night can only be confirmed one week in advance. A two night stay on the weekend has reservation priority over a single night stay.

Day Use

Visitors may enjoy day use of the hot springs at the cost of $20/person/day. However, cabin reservations take priority over day use and if all three cabins are occupied, then no day use will be permitted. Visitors must check our availability calendar for cabin status to see if day use is possible on any given day. For pilots, the $20/person/day includes use of the airstrip.

Additional People

You can add up to 2 people at $20/night/person to each of the cabins (i.e. up to a maximum of 8 people in the Cedar Cabin, 6 people in the Log Cabin, and 4 people in the Frame Cabin. Kids - kids 12 years old and older count as people

Cancellation and Refund Policy

If you cancel your reservation there is a $25 minimum fee.

Full refund (minus $25 fee) if you notify THS LTD at least 14 days before first night reserved.
50% refund if you notify THS LTD at least 10 days before first night reserved.
0% refund if you notify THS LTD less than 10 days before first night reserved.

NOTE: Confirming a reservation at Tolovana Hot Springs has a minimum cost of $25.

Extreme Cold/Severe Weather Policy

THS LTD cannot solely bear the cost of extreme cold/weather, but rather seeks to share the cost with the user. If your reservation should fall on days of extreme cold/weather, as defined below, THS LTD will credit you one half of any unused reservation to be applied towards a future reservation, for a period of up to one (1) year.
Warning: Travellers should be prepared for extreme cold/weather on any trip to Tolovana. This policy will not be applied to bad weather except as defined below.

Extreme cold/weather definitions

Extreme cold: -20 degrees F or colder at the Fairbanks International Airport (National Weather Service – phone 907-452-3553) at 8 AM the day of your reservation. (-30 degrees F during the period 15 February to 30 April).

Extreme Weather: If the Alaska State Troopers have issued a travel advisory for the Fairbanks, Livengood, or Minto areas and/or the Elliot highway is closed.

Other information

Check in and check out are at 2 p.m.



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